Many people love vintage items but they are not too sure where to buy them from. It can be tough to know the genuine items from the fake, especially for those who are new to buying vintage. Buying vintage items over fast fashion has become increasingly popular, in recent years, which means there are more and more places starting to offer them for sale. 
There are some lovely shops on the high street but there are also plenty of places online where you can bag yourself some vintage bargains. Which ones are the best? It can be difficult to know where to look. Here are some suggestions for vintage lovers.. 


Perhaps the most well-known online shopping site out there, eBay can be a fantastic place to find vintage clothing. They have a whole category dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories for sale. However the problem is that eBay can be a haven for fake vintage items and it can be tough to work out which items are genuine. 
Another problem is that some items are sold as original vintage and when they arrive buyers find out that they are actually retro. Whilst there is nothing wrong with retro there is a stark difference between the two. It can be extremely frustrating to receive something retro when you have bought something believing it is vintage. 
There have been plenty of eBay horror stories in the past with sellers describing their items disingenuously. Many people use the word wear, for instance, instead of actually admitting that their vintage items are damaged. Wear is expected but damage is not! 
However, for all its faults, eBay is a great place to find a vintage bargain if you look in the right places. Avoid "buy it now" sales and instead stick to auctions – sometimes people simply watch an item so they can bid at the last moment but forget. This can often mean a vintage item has no bids with little time to go and can easily be snapped up for a fraction of the price – use filters to your advantage to find them


Etsy can be another great place to find vintage items. They have some house rules in place regarding vintage items which means it is a little harder to unwillingly purchase non-vintage items, but it is obviously not failsafe. For an item to be considered vintage on Etsy, it must be at least 20 years old. They may also ask for additional information about the items such as the designers, where you sourced them and what fabric the garments are made of. 
Many people write Etsy off as a site for selling handmade and unique gifts, and a great place to support independent creators, but it is much more than that. There are plenty of vintage items for sale on the site, it is just a case of searching in the right places. Unfortunately, much like eBay, you might also end up with retro items instead of original vintage which can be disappointing. It is also unfortunate to see that some sellers are leaving the site for good due to the changes the site has been making. 
Despite this Etsy remains a shopping destination for both vintage and non-vintage items alike – with even big tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk proclaiming their love for the site: @elonmusk said: I kinda love Etsy as recently as January 2021. 


A newer website/app than eBay and Etsy, having been founded in 2012, Vinted is another second-hand marketplace that is becoming increasingly popular for buying vintage items. People often talk about their vintage listings flying off the shelves so it can be a great place to buy from. 
It can sometimes be tough to find true vintage items on the site with sellers tending to either sell elsewhere or sell vintage look items instead. However you can grab some brilliant bargains online here if you are prepared to look for them. 
There are some great ways to seek out the vintage bargains from the rest of the stuff online. Vinted is still relatively unknown to many people which means a smaller audience to compete with. You can pick up some great items at extremely affordable prices on the app! 

Independent sites 

With vintage clothing it is important to do your research. As well as the big names that everyone has heard of, there are many independent sites out there that put love and passion into all things vintage. A little bit of research will find many different independent sites with a variety of fantastic vintage items for your perusal. 
Independent sites tend to be much more reliable than the bigger brand names, when it comes to sourcing vintage clothing to buy, as they have the time and passion to source the best items for sale. With many more people choosing to buy vintage items, even large magazines like Marie Claire talk about the best places to buy vintage online. 

Vintage Blue Lagoon 

Here at Vintage Blue Lagoon we are passionate about vintage clothing. We take care to research each garment we stock and stock only the best quality items. We guarantee that the items we stock are vintage and not retro copies to ensure our customers get the best buying experience. 
We measure all of our vintage items and offer a helpful sizing guide so you can gauge which vintage size would be best for you. At Vintage Blue Lagoon we pride ourselves on being a retailer that our customers can rely on and when we say the item is true vintage, we mean it. Whilst the big sites are very popular you cannot beat the experience of buying from a site like Vintage Blue Lagoon. You won’t find pieces like this anywhere else. 
Get in touch with us if you are searching for the perfect piece of vintage clothing. We sell a variety of different clothing items, plenty from different decades, and we also have a wide range of vintage accessories for you to choose from. 
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