The Queen’s Gambit has been one of the runaway televisual successes of the year so far. A limited series, available to view on Netflix, it had viewers enthralled as they followed the life of Beth Harmon as she rose to the top of the chess world, an unlikely heroine in a male dominated world. 
Once again, women’s 1960’s fashion has been thrust back into the spotlight with the fashion styles of the show becoming increasingly popular once again. The vintage clothing industry has been experiencing quite a boom in recent years and The Queen’s Gambit has definitely added to the interest. 
Here at Vintage Blue Lagoon, we know all about vintage clothing and how great it feels to put a show-stopping vintage piece on. We do plenty of in-depth research into our pieces to gather a better understanding of them and we ensure that all pieces are truly vintage. We have been around since 1987 and have seen many changes – but some fashions always seem to come back around. 
The style in the show itself was inspired by icons of the Sixties - Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg and Pierre Cardin among others – which is clear to see. Here’s how you can celebrate 60’s style, inspired by The Queen’s Gambit. 


There is no doubt that collars are a big part of the show’s fashion. Beth seems to wear collars throughout the show – often very noticeable due to close-ups of her at the chess table. She wears a variety of collar styles throughout the series – all synonymous with the fashion of the Sixties including the famous Peter Pan collar. 
Her photoshoot for Life magazine early on in the series sees her wearing a simple navy dress with a Peter Pan collar that signifies the style she will have throughout the show. 

60’s Dresses 

Showing sophistication paired with the synonymous Sixties style, Beth wore a number of women’s vintage dresses throughout the series – stunning shift dresses and bow dresses with a perfect fit that drew your attention to her top half – the only part of her on show when playing chess. Many of the dresses also had collars – tying two fashion styles into one. 
Dresses are a huge part of Beth’s story – she purchases a dress, alongside a chessboard, with the prize money from her first tournament and this not only kickstarts her style journey but also symbolises her newfound independence. 
We find dresses to be our specialty and often carry a variety of styles, similar to those Beth wears in the show. We have dresses to suit every occasion - from garden parties and weddings to dinner parties. There is something for everyone. 

It's super stylish 

Checked patterns pop up incrementally throughout the show – both tying into the fashion of the time whilst also representing the game that the whole show is about. The first dress Beth buys is a checked pattern and this was intentional

Laid Back Loungewear 

Despite always looking incredible in her smart dresses and distinctive collars, Beth also showed off her 60’s inspired loungewear – choosing t-shirts that brought her comfort when spending time at home or with friends in the city. 
The same outfit is seen multiple times throughout the show, emphasising the significance of where she feels most at ease. Her style and her confidence grows as the series progresses, but it is interesting to see what outfits she continually goes back to. 
Get in touch with Vintage Blue Lagoon if you are looking for the perfect piece of vintage Sixties clothing. We would be happy to help! 
Buy vintage today and help protect both the planet and your bank balance with some unique and durable pieces.. 
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