Sustainability is a big thing right now and is so important. With sustainable shopping in style, there couldn’t be a better time to shop vintage. With celebrities and the general public alike choosing to opt for vintage pieces, sustainable shopping couldn’t be more in fashion. 
At Vintage Blue Lagoon, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best in women’s vintage clothes and fashion, spanning 5 different decades. Shop sustainably with us and see what we have to offer. With big events like Royal Ascot coming up and the races even urging racegoers to shop sustainably, there couldn’t be a better time to shop second hand. 
An important thing to remember when attending Royal Ascot is the dress code – make sure you check what is and what isn’t allowed before sporting that gorgeous pre-loved outfit that you have picked up. They often make revisions with jumpsuits only recently allowed and navy morning suits being introduced for the first time this year. 

Is Vintage Sustainable? 

Yes, buying vintage and second-hand clothing is extremely sustainable. Consumers are fast becoming aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion and many are seeking to move away from purchasing those items. 
Vintage shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years as buyers search for longer lasting statement pieces rather than throwaway items. 

Why Is Sustainable Shopping in Style? 

There are a number of reasons why sustainable shopping is in style right now. As well as considering the environmental impact of cheap, mass-produced clothing, many celebrities or public figures are also choosing to shop sustainably and wearing vintage clothing. The general public have seen this and are also choosing to shop for vintage clothing because their idols are doing so. Even big high street stores have considered trialling vintage and second-hand sales in their stores and on their websites. 
The popularity of TV series such as The Queen’s Gambit have also seen a rise in interest in vintage clothing with certain fashions having once again been thrust back into the spotlight and the styles becoming popular once again. 

Where Can I Buy Vintage Clothing? 

We sell a variety of vintage clothing spanning five different decades at Vintage Blue Lagoon but there are a number of other places you can also find vintage clothing online. Just make sure you are getting a genuine piece when buying from these places and that the sellers are being honest about their items. 
With sustainability being in fashion right now, this is the perfect time to shop vintage and update your wardrobe with some beautiful vintage pieces. Here at Vintage Blue Lagoon, we always have a range of show-stopping vintage pieces for customers to browse. We do plenty of research into our pieces to ensure they are authentic and true vintage. 
Buy vintage today – not only will you be shopping sustainably and keeping in style but you will also be the proud owner of some unique and beautiful pieces of clothing that very few other people will ever own. 
Get in touch with Vintage Blue Lagoon if you are looking for the perfect piece of vintage Sixties clothing. We would be happy to help! 
Buy vintage today and help protect both the planet and your bank balance with some unique and durable pieces.. 
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