The vintage clothing industry has experienced a massive boom in recent years, and for good reason. It has even been making waves on the red carpet. @GraziaUK sang actress Felicity Jones’ praises saying “Bravo! Felicity Jones is mixing it up in vintage Dior at the #EEBAFTAs”. It’s a great way to stand out and there are lots more reasons why buying vintage clothing is incredible. From sustainability to simply wanting to stand out, choosing to wear vintage clothing is a brilliant idea. 
Here at Vintage Blue Lagoon, we know all about how fabulous wearing vintage clothing makes you feel. We have been lovers of vintage clothing for decades, having opened our first boutique, Blue Lagoon Boutique, in Cheshire in 1987. Since then, the fashion industry has undergone a sea change and the way that clothes are made is very different to the way that they once were. Today, clothes are increasingly mass produced and are often produced in a way that damages the environment. 
With the need to protect the planet now reaching critical levels, more and more people are turning to vintage clothing. However, wearing vintage clothing does not just help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it is also a way of expressing your unique style and taste. Read on to find out why you should switch over to wearing vintage clothes. 

1) It's kind to the planet 

The clothes sold today on the high street are mass produced in an increasingly harmful way. In fact, the “fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world”
21st century clothes are produced in a way that causes a wide range of damage to the environment. During manufacture, clothes pollute water, air and soil. They are also overproduced, with a huge amount of clothing going to landfill sites every year. From the UK alone, an estimated £140 million worth of clothing (around 350,000 tonnes) of clothing goes to landfill every year. This is reflected as 5% of the UK’s carbon footprint and 6-8% of the UK’s water print of all the UK’s goods and services. 
Given the damage that mass-produced clothing clearly causes to the planet, the most incredible thing about vintage clothing is that “it encourages people not to go out and buy more”. 

2) It's kind to your bank balance 

In recent years, the price of vintage clothing has increased as people’s appreciation for vintage clothing has increased. Regardless of the slight increase in the price of vintage clothing generally, buying vintage clothing is often still cheaper than buying new, especially in terms of buying vintage designer pieces. You can pick up a bargain all over the world now that the vintage market is now a global phenomenon. 
What’s more, you can mix up vintage clothes with modern clothing pieces to make sure that you are always on trend. You can even ditch your work suit in favour of wearing vintage clothing to work. There are plenty of very smart vintage suits and dresses that are perfect to wear to work instead of your usual, very expensive black or navy suit. Now that will save you £££s! 

3) It's super stylish 

It’s all very well and good being kind to the planet, but there is no incentive to do that if you don’t feel comfortable or happy in your clothes. However, vintage clothing is becoming one of the hottest looks in the fashion world. All sorts of celebrities have been wearing vintage clothes for decades. 
As more and more people begin to appreciate the advantages of second-hand clothing and how stylish they are, they will become even more sought after. In 2019, the second-hand clothing online market grew by 27%. Now that even the likes of Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing vintage clothing, it must be a sign that buying second hand is in vogue. 

4) It makes you stand out from the crowd 

If you like to turn heads then wearing vintage is for you. You can go to a party knowing very well that you will not bump into anyone wearing the same outfit as you. However old your black vintage dress is, for example, it will be completely different from a 21st century black dress because of all of the attention to detail that went into every element of the piece. 
From elaborate buttons to incredible fabric showcasing sumptuous patterns, vintage clothing is “bursting with whimsical details that cannot be accurately reproduced”. That’s why wearing vintage is your sure-fire answer for those days when you want to stop traffic. Just look at Kate Moss in 2003 who wowed the fashion world by donning a captivating pale yellow dress by French couturier Jean Desses from the ‘50s. Everyone went crazy for vintage clothing, ransacking second-hand shops and vintage clothing markets to find a piece of treasure like it. 

5) It's made to last 

If you needed any further convincing to start wearing vintage clothing, then know that vintage clothing is made to be worn over and over again. This means that you will have your piece for as long as you want to have it, especially if you look after it. The quality of vintage clothing is extremely high, so they often feature “luxurious details like French seams, generous hems, and exquisitely crafted buttons on even the most basic of older vintage garments”
The care and attention that went into creating clothing meant that they were not items to be disposed of. For centuries, clothing was something so expensive that items were passed down and worn over and over again until they literally fell apart. Pieces would be mended over and over again. Now, everyone knows that fashion is cyclical and that what was once fashionable will become fashionable again at some point. You just need to wait for long enough for it to come back again. Those 1980s puff-sleeved dresses and dresses with powerful shoulder pads are already taking centre stage. With Netflix’s hit show The Crown now entering the 1980s, we envisage that the trend for 80s fashion will only continue. 
Now that we have shown you how amazing it is to wear vintage clothes, look for pieces that reflect your individual sense of style and personality by exploring our online shop here
Get in touch with Vintage Blue Lagoon if you need help finding your perfect piece of vintage clothing treasure. 
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