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Vintage 1960’s Corded Black Hand Muff

with detailed corded front and back and strap for round neck and pocket inside




Not Branded 


Not Marked  


Width  31cm, Depth 19cm 

Condition Used


History Of The Garment 

During World War II women wore hand muffs, partially because of the austerity of the times as muffs could be made from old fur coats to add a note of glamour. After the war, the use of muffs faded as  Women now drove, smoked and worked so therefore needed their hands However during the 1960’s they became popular again, possibly as a result of fashion icon Jackie Kennedy who was seen as elegant and sophisticated and in1961 was seen wearing A-line coat accessorized with white opera gloves, hand muff, neck warmer and black sable-trimmed boots.

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