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Vintage 1970 Handmade Black & White Long Halter Neck Dress

£12.00 £6.00
Shoestring Straps and elasticated waist






100% Polyester


Chest 84cm, Waist 69cm (Slightly Stretched), Length  117cm

Condition Used

Moderate- Stitching on waist and neckline come undone 

History Of The Garment 

The 70’s bought an era of fashion that was influenced by regency and romance.  The halter neck was just one look of the 70’s which had overlapped from the 60’s and the look stemmed from the fact that "it eliminated the need for spoiling the back detail with straps, leaving an uninterrupted area of skin to expose to the sun by day and more exposure of the body by night.” The most famous halter dress in history is probably the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1955 and throughout the decades has been influenced the halter neck trends throughout the decades.

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